Robert F. Kramer


Mr. Kramer has spent nearly two decades as an attorney procuring and managing intellectual property (IP) portfolios for inventors, physicians, startups, large institutions and corporations.
Prior to law school, Mr. Kramer worked as a mechanical engineer designing satellite subsystems. As a result of his industry experience, he views each innovation with an engineer's eye to maximize scope and accurately detail the critical features of the client’s technology.

Mr. Kramer started his legal career in patent litigation, including complex, large-scale patent infringement suits. While his practice now concentrates on transactional IP law, his litigation experience taught him the numerous ways that opposing counsel invalidate and tear down patents. This experience has been an invaluable tool that Mr. Kramer uses daily to craft strong, enforceable patents, trademarks and associated licensing agreements.

Mr. Kramer has worked as both inside counsel and outside counsel providing strategic insight for building, protecting and maintaining robust IP portfolios in a wide range of disciplines, including the following technologies.

Mechanical: Mechanisms, instruments, machinery, optics, robotics and other complex devices for automotive, aerospace and medical industries, including internal combustion engines, jet propulsion engines, the powertrain and other components for hybrid and electrical technology such as: vehicle motors, catheters, cerebral and cardiac stents, MEMs, artificial heart and LVAD pumps, renal and circulatory assistance, plates and mechanisms for bone/tissue repair, reduction, fixation and other orthopedics, micro-fluidic PCR assays for molecular diagnostics, delivery systems for minimally invasive procedures such as vertebral fixation and stabilization, interventional cardiology including angioplasty, and cryo-ablation.

Electronics: ICs, sensors, mobile/communication devices, data storage devices, energy storage including fuel cells, batteries, super-capacitors and flywheels, electric vehicle motor control and charging networks, chip fabrication, fiber optics, sensors, robotics and electromechanical components, cardiac mapping and ablation devices, electrosurgical therapy using ultrasound, RF, microwave, external beam radiation (EBRT), and lasers, electronic bone/tissue manipulation and stimulation implants, hearing aids, scanners for radiography, PET, CT, MRI, vibro-acoustography and ultrasound, patient monitoring, pulse oximeters, microscopy and detection instruments for diagnostics.

Software: E-commerce, Internet, imaging and diagnostics for radiography, PET, CT, MRI, vibro-acoustography and ultrasound, data compression, signal processing, gesture, voice and sound recognition, and control systems on mobile device, server, network, and other computing platforms, as well as controllers for hybrid and electric vehicles, EV charging stations and networks, medical devices, appliances, and robotics.

Nanotechnology: Fabrication, materials and devices for mechanical, electromechanical, semiconductor, sensing, energy storage and optical applications.

Robert is admitted to practice in the State of California and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.



Undergraduate Degree:

  • San Jose State University
  • B.S., Aerospace Engineering, 1994

Law Degree

  • Santa Clara University School of Law
  • Juris Doctor, 2002
  • High Tech Law Certificate (IP concentration)