A major focus of our practice, the firm does extensive work in a wide variety of computer technologies. Our clients include a number of the most recognizable and innovative companies in the industry, as well as emerging companies bringing the next generation of computing technology to market. Some principal areas of our computer technology practice are:

A. Software

Operating Systems, virtual machines, APIs, enterprise software, data compression, virus scanning, electronic design automation (EDA) tools, relational databases, financial applications, vehicle navigation, interfaces and internet software.

1. Database

2. Enterprise Software

3. General Software

4. Internet

5. Operating Systems

6. Security

7. User Interface

Representative Clients:

Apple Inc., Visa International, Trend Micro, Samsung Information Systems of America

Representative Patents:

ClientPatent NumberTitle
Sun Microsystems6,473,806Methods and Apparatus for Managing Objects and Processes in a Distributed Object Operating Environment
Sun Microsystems6,237,060Cache Management Techniques
Visa International6,119,103Financial Risk Prediction System
Digital Intelligence5,895,477Design Engine for Automatic Layout of Content
Apple Inc.5,987,401Language Translation for Real-Time Text-Based Conversations
Affinity Internet, Inc.7,210,327Extensible Data Model for Use in an Integrated Platform for Creating a Distribution Multiapplication Online Presence
iMetrikus, Inc.6,266,645Risk Adjustment Tools for Analyzing Patient Electronic Discharge Records
Centric Software, Inc.6,944,583Multi-Threaded Frame Safe Synchronization of a Simulation
Centric Software, Inc.7,012,602Virtual Three-Dimensional Display for Product Development
Trend Micro7,287,278Innoculation of Computing Devices Against a Selected Computer Virus
Cisco Technology7,328,237Technique for Improving Load Balancing of Traffic in a Data Network using Source-Side Related Information
IGT7,328,838Counterfeit Cashless Instrument Detection Methods and Systems
Yahoo7,558,927System to Capture, Transmit and Persist Backup and Recovery Meta Data
Yahoo7,533,130User Behavior Reporting Based on Pre-Aggregated Activity Data
Yahoo7,567,945Aggregation-Specific Confidence Intervals for Fact Set Queries


B. Hardware and Architecture

Network security chips, network flow processors, servers, personal computers, peripherals and accessories, MP3 players, gaming machines.

Representative Clients:

Apple Inc., Samsung Information Systems of America, SanDisk

Representative Patents:

ClientPatent NumberTitle
Vitesse Semiconductor6,108,713Media Access Control Architecture and Network Management Systems
Vitesse Semiconductor6,167,029System and Method for Integrated Data Flow Control
Vitesse Semiconductor6,266,799Multi-Phase Data/Clock Recovery Circuitry and Methods for Implementing Same
Apple Inc.5,951,669Method and Apparatus for Serialized Interrupt Transmission
IGT7,278,917Slot Reel Controlled as a Peripheral Device