We represent clients in a wide range of mechanical technologies, from mechanical hardware, tools and implements to sophisticated medical and research devices and complex electromechanical equipment and apparatus.

Representative Clients:

Xenogen, Fafco, IGT, SRI International, AirInSpace BV

Representative Patents:

ClientPatent NumberTitle
XenogenUS-2003-0011701-A1Multi-View Imaging Apparatus
SRI International6,628,040Electroactive Polymer Thermal Electric Generators
SRI International6,586,859Electroactive Polymer Animated Devices
SRI International6,376,971Electro Active Polymer Electrodes
SRI InternationalWO01080284Electoractive Polymer Animated Devices
AFx, Inc.6,383,182Directional Microwave Ablation Instrument with Off-Set Energy Delivery Portion
Rheodyne, L.P.6,382,035Multi-Valving Sample Injection Apparatus
SRI International6,583,533Electroactive Polymer Electrodes
SRI International6,586,859Electroactive Polymer Animated Devices
National Semiconductor Corp6,836,110Universal Tester to Handler Docking Plate
SRI International7,237,524Compliant Walled Combustion Devices
Sparrow Woods Company7,253,952Handsfree Fieldglasses Having Full Field of View
UltraCell Corporation7,276,096Fuel Processor Dewar and Methods
IGT7,311,607Three Dimensional Image Display Systems and Methods for Gaming Machines
IGT7,329,186Gaming System with Rewritable Display Card and LCD Input Display for Reading Same
Enhance, Inc.6,652,325High Data Rate Electrical Connector
Albin Products5,832,646Support System for Picture Frames