scuOur summer program lasts the entire summer and is designed to provide a realistic representation of what life will be like with our firm and as a patent attorney. Summer Associates will prepare and prosecute patent applications and attend client disclosure meetings.

Each Summer Associate will be assigned to a Partner Mentor and an Associate Mentor who will provide guidance, coordinate work assignments, and be available to answer questions. Work assignments will be evaluated and feedback shared with the Summer Associate throughout the summer experience.

Summer Associates will receive one-on-one training from partners and senior associates, as well as be included in all lunch training meetings where technology and intellectual property law topics will be discussed.

To help in building relationships with all of the practitioners in the firm, a variety of social activities will be held throughout the summer. These activities typically include outings to professional sporting and theater events, the firms annual picnic, dinner with partners, and various other events.

Summer Associate compensation is competitive with other law firms.

Each year we seek to hire 2-3 Summer Associates. We recruit law students with engineering or science educational backgrounds, preferably with prior technical work experience, as well as superior writing ability. The majority of our Summer Associates come to us as second year law students whom we have met during on-campus interviews at local law schools or students who contact us. Call back interviews may occur and usually involve meeting with 3-4 practitioners. Each year we anticipate conducting on-campus interviews with law schools throughout California.

Beyer Law Group LLP does not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or any other legally protected characteristic.