We represent clients in connection with a variety of complex electronics and telecommunications technologies, including optical switches, digital amplifiers, cellular and wireless networks and DSL modems.

a. Wireless

b. Communications

c. Circuits

d. Electrical and Control

Representative Clients

Texas Instruments, Stanford University, Calient Networks, Alps Electronic, Qualitau,Inc.

Representative Patents

ClientPatent NumberTitle
Gigibit Wireless6,067,290Spatial Multiplexing in a Cellular Network
InterWave Communications5,999,813Overlay Cellular Communication System
InterWave Communications5,953,651Cellular Adjunct To a Public Wired Network
Texas Instruments5,933,454Multi-Carrier Data Transmissions Systems Using an Overhead BUS for Synchronizing Multiple Remote Units
Texas Instruments6,434,119Initializing Communications in Systems Using Multi-Carrier Modulation
Stanford University6,411,224Trellis Codes for Transition Jitter Noise
Qualitau, Inc.7,576,550Automatic Multiplexing System for Automated Wafer Testing
Qualitau, Inc.7,511,517Semi-Automatic Multiplexing System for Automated Semiconductor Wafer Testing